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Glasgow, Kentucky ~ SpencerBenedictStables@gmail.com ~ 270/678-1301

Training Rates
  Full Training                                                                                     $ 650/mo
  Colt Starting
                                                                                    $ 550/mo
Colt Starting at discount price only available October- April 1st, limited to first 90 days)

Board Rates
  Non-Racing or Non-Draft Breeds ($2/day additional for most racing and draft breeds)
  Pasture                                                                                              $ 12/day
  Single in a Stall                                                                                 $ 16/day
  Wet Mare in a Stall                                                                           $ 18/day
  Foaling Mare                                                                                     $ 18/day
  Stallion Board                                                                                    $ 16/day
  Retirement Board                        Call for individual quote based on needs.


Lab Fees
  Lab fee for semen preparation                                                         $ 10/per dose
   *This fee applies to all semen pick-ups,  including those delivered by courier.

  Lab fee for Artificial Insemination                                                    $ 10/per breeding

*This fee applies to all on-site breeding for SBS stallions while mare is boarded at SBS (first cycle there is no charge for all mares on paid stud fees, fees obtained via donations/gifts will have the AI Fee for all breeding)

  Lab fee for Artificial Insemination                                                    $ 15/per breeding
  *This fee applies to all  drive-in trailer breeding, on-site breeding for non-SBS stallion, 
    on-site breeding for re-breeds and donated stud fees.


Shipping Semen (must be prepaid)

  Fed Ex or UPS *                                                                                  $ 250/shipment 
      (2 doses for the same mare/stallion combo may be supplied if availability allows.)
  Counter to Counter Service* *                                                         $ 125 + Courier + Cargo
      (SBS must be notified of this request no later than 8am central time. No exceptions!)

  * If the shipping container is not returned within 5 days the mare owner will be charged $25 for a disposable container or $400 for an Equitainer - any parts missing from the Equitainer will be charged to the mare owner
  ** Service provided thru American Airline Cargo – from BNA (Nashville, TN) to your destination airport courier service from
    Glasgow KY to Nashville, TN is required. (2 doses for the same mare/stallion combination will be supplied if availability allows.)

  Additional doses                                                                               $ 10/per dose
   *This can be for the same mare/stallion combination or additional mare/stallion combination.
     Limited to what can be placed in a single container.

  Customers are required to return container within 2 days after shipment. 
  If non-disposable container is not returned the customer will be charged an additional $350.
  If parts are missing from container customer will be charged for the missing and or damaged parts. 

Stallion Collection
  Collecting Non-SBS Managed Stallion  (analysis included)           $ 150 per collection

Foal Delivery and Services
  Foaling out mare, with an attendant, Foal-Alert                             $ 350 + Board
  Foal Check (IgG)                                                                                $   35
  Foal Kickstart                                                                                      $   30
  Foal Haltering                                                                            Call for price.

  Breeding Kit (Syringe, Glove and Insemination pipette)                $   5
  Disposable Semen Shipper                                                               $ 25

Late Fee and Finance Charges

***A Late Fee of 20 USD then 1.5% monthly finance charge with a 7 day grace period will be charged to all account past due.