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2024 Fee Schedule


(all training services are billed at the beginning of the month)

A late fee of $20 per horse plus 1.5% monthly finance charge on all accounts if not paid by the 20th of the current month.

Full Training

Yearling Prep

$850 per month

$700 per month

Halter breaking and lounging only

Show Fees

All show fees are in addition to Entry Fees, HIO Fees, and any other fees charged by the horse show and expenses incurred.

One Night Show


Multi-Day or Traveling Show

(multi-day shows may be billed and payable in advance)

Show Prep


$75 per class

$0.75 per mile

per loaded mile per horse (5 horse min per trailer) or $3.75 a loaded mile divided between the horses hauled)     Fuel surcharge may be added due to the high cost of fuel.





Billed at cost

Billed by vet or at cost

Billed by vendor or at cost


Billed as needed - pro-rated or for individual horse

Tack, Horse Clothing, etc.

Quarterly grooming & care supplies per horse

Supplements - if not provided by owner


Billed at cost by vendor

$75 per quarter

Billed at cost

Board Rates

Pasture (Single)

$14 per day

Included pasture, hay and grain

Stall (Single)

$20 per day

Includes hay and grain

Stall Mare Watch or Mare & Foal

$22 per day

Included hay and grain

Pasture (mare & foal) -year round boarders only

$20 per day

Includes pasture, hay and grain

** Non-Racing or Non-Draft Breeds ($2 per day additional for most racing and draft breeds)

Foaling Fees

Foaling out mare with attendant & use of Foalert

Not currently available for outside mares

Breeding Fees and Services

Lab Fee - Semen Prep

$20 per dose

This fee applies to all on-site breeding, pick-ups, trailer breeding or courier pick ups.

Artificial Insemination (Frozen)

$100 per cycle

This fee applies to breeding with frozen semen.

Breeding Kit

$15 per kit

Syringe, Sleeve & Pipette

Disposable Semen Shipper


Shipping Semen (must be prepaid)

If the shipping container is not returned within 5 days, the mare owner will be charged $40 for a disposable container or $400 for an Equitainer - any parts missing from the Equitainer will be charged to the mare owner.


$275 per shipment includes return label

2 doses for the same mare/stallion combo may be supplied if availability allows


Min. $275 per shipment includes return label - additional charges may apply call for quote


Call for quote

Additional Doses

$20 per dose

This can be for the same mare/stallion combination or additional mare/stallion combination. Limited to what can be placed in a single container.

Stallion Services

Stallion Standing

Frozen Semen Storage


Call for quote

Call for quote

$150 per collection

(Non-SBS Managed Stallion – including analysis)

Late Fee and Finance Charges***A Late Fee of $20 per horse plus1.5% monthly finance charge on all account not paid by the 20th of the current month.

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